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From its name, we can see what this product is used for. After continuous improvement, this product has more and more functions. In order to make more people familiar with it, let's introduce some information about the customization of Buddhist products? If you want to know, let's have a look. I hope it can help you.

As we all know, Buddhist articles are mascots needed by Buddhist believers to worship Buddha and Bodhisattva in their daily life, as well as articles and some Buddhist articles used by Buddhist believers in their daily life. In the customization of Buddhist supplies, the main supplies we use daily for Buddha are: Buddha statues, shrines, paintings, pagodas and pagodas. Buddhist supplies mainly include: Buddhist scriptures, scriptures, rosary beads, gemstones, Buddhist incense, treasure covers, Buddhist flags, lotuses, incense, offering tables, censers, wooden fish, drums, Thangkas. The daily necessities of monks include: monk clothes, cassocks, Buddha hats, and monk shoes. Tibetan Buddhism commonly used magic tools (bell and pestle, scripture barrel, scripture barrel, bell, stick bell, diamond pestle, diamond pestle, Buba seat, etc.), offering cup, offering bowl, mantra (cloisonne copper ten thousand seats, etc.), wheel king seven treasures, Aquarius, eight auspicious, Buddha tower, Bodhi tower, Buddhist sutra, prayer beads, Buddha beads, Thangka, precious stones (natural gemstones such as pearl, tritium, crystal, agate, coral, emerald, glass, etc.), offering incense (stone incense, incense, incense, incense, etc.) Butter lamp (copper butter lamp, cloisonne butter lamp, pure butter lamp, etc.), flowers, food, elephant treasure, double deer.

In our country, the custom-made Buddhist articles commonly used in the daily tradition include water cups, incense burners, fruit plates, vases, Buddhist altars, offering tables, lotus lamps, butter lamps, prayer machines, hand beads, prayer beads, Buddha beads, pagodas, pagodas, Buddha's seven gemstones, etc. The magic tools include: Vajra pestle, wooden fish, copper bell, hinge, baffle, hand drum, silver clear, wind bell, cloud disk, bowl, five offerings, vase, bookcase, etc. Believe it or not. Because in our life, Buddhism is a belief and people's expectation for a better future. With the development of social civilization, Buddhist culture has been spread, and the industry intersected with Buddhism has gradually formed. Customized Buddhist supplies have also become the symbol of different identities of different temples, which also makes people have certain differences in their expectations for a better future.

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