Customized Buddhist articles: introduction to the coloring process of bronze Buddha

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In the early stage of painting, in order to ensure that the surface of customized metal artwork for Buddhist articles can form a color layer with uniform color, good adhesion and corrosion resistance, the surface must be degreased, etched, derusted and polished. Etc. There are many ways to remove oil. Generally, you can choose according to the appropriate conditions and work size. Wipe and degrease: use a brush or rag dipped with degreasing powder, washing powder, lime paste, oxidase and other degreasing materials to wipe the surface of the workpiece. It is mainly used for works of art with large volume, complex shape and difficult to handle by other methods.

The thermal coloring of customized copper Buddha statues for Buddhist articles generally adopts the coloring formula of high manganese potassium, which produces brownish red manganese dioxide under high temperature. There are many kinds of high manganese potassium coloring formula, such as the coloring formula composed of high manganese potassium and copper sulfate. This formula is only applicable to customized thermal coloring copper for Buddhist articles with copper content of more than 70%, so it is particularly suitable for bronze, with a very good warm red color. However, it is not suitable for brass application. Zinc must be removed before coloring. Some chlorate is added to promote the formation of cuprous chloride in cherry red, although chlorate can produce a very beautiful cherry red color. However, cuprous chloride is easy to oxidize and decompose, so the color will change after a certain time.

Although the formula of coloring solution for customized copper Buddha statues of Buddhist articles is varied, the coloring principle is basically the same, mainly to promote the formation of copper oxide. The color of copper oxide is stable because of its high stability. It is well known that the color of the copper sculpture is the color formed by the metal compound itself. Whether the stable metal compound can be formed is one of the factors to be considered in the coloring formula of the copper sculpture.

Unlike the process of casting copper, customized forged copper for Buddhist articles is made on copper plate. The copper plate becomes soft after heating, and recovers its hardness after hammering. This process is repeated to produce artistic products. After assembly and welding, the bronze pieces gradually become a complete image of Buddha, completely different from the machine-made bronze pieces, which are round and uniform, but lack luster. The hand-forged copper ware has many forged scratches, like diamonds, with many polished surfaces, which are sparkling.

Therefore, a good coloring formula can stand the test of time. For example, cultural relics unearthed for thousands of years now have clear colors. Although the color is not so colorful, it will not fade over time. This should be something we should learn from our ancestors. Follow the oriental copper reliefs to learn more about customized Buddhist articles.

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