The manufacturer of the bronze sculpture briefly talks about the maintenance of the bronze relief

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The manufacturer of the bronze sculpture briefly talks about the maintenance of the bronze relief

Copper carving painting manufacturer: What is copper relief?

We often say that red copper is also called pure copper and red copper. Copper has good ductility, conductivity and corrosion resistance. Ductility is an important characteristic of copper jewelry. Copper has a high melting point and is not easy to cast, but its good ductility makes up for this shortcoming. Therefore, it can be easily processed into various shapes and patterns. The dark metallic luster is stable and noble while expressing the modern sense, and is often used in copper jewelry.

Traditionally, red copper relief, also known as pure copper relief, is made by hand with red copper sheet as the base material, so it is also known as forged copper relief. Since the 1980s, copper relief has developed rapidly, and the tide of attracting foreign investment has been surging all over the country. Cultural stage setting and economic opera singing have become successful means of imitation across the country. Copper decorative products are widely popular because of their elegance and luxury and the accumulation of thousands of years of deep copper culture, Forged copper reliefs are popular all over the country. From the main reliefs of a few meters to the narrative copper carving cultural corridor of hundreds of meters, they are permeated with the breath of copper art and culture, highlighting the brilliance of copper art and culture, and giving people a strong spiritual shock. Undoubtedly, copper reliefs have played an important role in successfully displaying local history and culture, modern civilization and economic development, while promoting local culture and improving the taste of local cities, It has also made relevant enterprises obtain rich returns.

Manufacturer of copper sculpture: three kinds of maintenance of copper relief

1、 Placement problem: place the wrought copper relief-bronze sculpture in a dry house, keep it clean, keep the temperature at 16-22 ℃, and keep the relative humidity at 45% - 50%.

2、 Wrought copper relief: The dust on the copper carving handicraft should be wiped off with a clean and soft cloth, while the details that need special care (fragile, fragile) should be brushed off with a soft brush or sucked off or blown off with a vacuum cleaner.

3、 It should be noted that after the wrought copper relief-copper carving handicrafts have been placed for a long time, some dull phenomena will appear more or less depending on the placement environment. At this time, you can use cotton cloth to gently wipe back and forth to achieve the polishing effect, so that the protective wax layer on the surface will glow again.

Copper sculpture manufacturer: copper relief molding process system

The copper embossing molding process has the feature of not polishing its surface, which provides conditions for its surface to be displayed with less light storage or luminous materials during power failure or at night. For example, when making the corner line of a corridor with a slightly three-dimensional surface with a uniform pattern, the resin-based luminous mixture can be evenly laid on the steel or aluminum model with a pattern in a thinner thickness, or partially laid on the set position, This mixture can be made of fine stone made of fluorite, or it can be used as a light storage material on the market, mixed with unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide. The matrix binder is made of quartz sand or marble particles as aggregate, and then it is formed by vacuum vibration pressing and then produced in batches. The model made of silica gel is used to make high-quality wall decoration, and the model made of metal is used to make continuous corner bricks, Using electromagnetic vibration to suppress synthetic pumice sculpture is also a practical method, and the equipment cost is also low.

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