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As the most typical temperament of a craftsman, he has a kind of self-esteem similar to his own craft. This conceit and self-respect make the craftsman strict with his craftsmanship, and he never tire of it, regardless of the cost, but strives for perfection, perfection and perfection.

As the successor of the glorious kingdom of clocks and watches, the revived Lange won the applause of the industry with his outstanding works, and the status of a master watchmaker cannot be pushed forward. Langminger, wearing the aura of "craftsman spirit", defended the honor made in Germany again, and Kipping competed with the Swiss luxury watch camp with his own strength.

The more you love, the more skillful you are. Only when you love your work can you exhaust your mind and exhaust your labor. When you love your work, you can be willing to ignore your gains and losses. Master Chen of the mold production workshop uses this love to stimulate vitality and creativity. He strives for perfection in every product and every process. In his view, it would be considered a shame for the craftsman to let the products with poor quality circulate on the market.

The craftsman's heart is to repeat a simple process thousands of times with awe to produce purity. The beauty of the process is the beauty of health. There should be no rebellious feeling, flaunting heart and self-thinking. A good art should have the beauty of modesty, honesty and firmness. The closer the art is to the ideal, the more beautiful it is. The closer the craft is to the reality, the more beautiful it is.

Master Chen gets along with these molds day after day. Sometimes it takes a month or more to make a large mold. The mold manufacturing process needs to be sustained and focused. During this period, no error can occur in any link. Minor deviation may cause the final mold to be unusable. At this time, it can only be re-manufactured. At the beginning of mold making, due to poor skills and strength, it is often impossible to make perfect mold. This is a technology that tests endurance and concentration. Only when you concentrate and do not tire of it can you master the doorway. There is no other way. Those who have something to do are happy, and those who have peace of mind are also happy. Strive to be a good "craftsman", which is a road to career success and also a road to inner peace. Chen Shichuan has been holding on to this road for more than 20 years, and has produced deep and indivisible feelings with the craft. The focus, persistence, accuracy and pragmatic work attitude also makes Oriental Copper still glow with strong vitality and brand charm after the storm

Produce practical implements by hand, treat poetry occupation and labor with respect and sincerity, strictly abide by various technological requirements with a correct attitude, and achieve the extraordinary performance of the implements, not tired of its small size, not tired of its fine, and not tired of its hard work. This is the spirit of craftsman

Behind a top craftsman is the double cultivation of skill and attitude. Under the background of modern industrialists, the unique industrial attributes of oriental red copper reliefs determine the impossibility of assembly line production. The craftsmen have to constantly study and repeat in order to reach a new peak.

No matter how the external environment changes, the craftsman has a high degree of adherence to what he does. The masters in the oriental copper relief production workshop have been engaged in the same craft for more than ten or twenty years. They have repeated a simple craft thousands of times with awe to produce purity. They have been pursuing the perfection of professional skills for decades. They have created one exquisite handicraft after another by inheritance and research, by concentration and perseverance.

When asked whether Master Chen, who has been engaged in the same craft for decades, has reached a high level and is tired of it, he asked back: "How can I feel tired? There are so many things I haven't learned." A craftsman who has many years of experience in mold making and has produced countless exquisite handicrafts can still be so humble and true, and still full of passion for work, Always maintain a positive and studious attitude towards life, which is also the pursuit of excellence in quality and the persistence of enthusiasm for technology, so that listeners are impressed

In the process of making handicrafts, craftsmen inject their "mind" and "soul" into the works. These handicrafts are soulful. They are the carrier of the creator's mind and talent. Craftsmen make them by hand every moment with a knife

It is unique in the world, and the spirit of craftsmanship is the soul of good works. In this era of rapid technological changes, industrial production and consumerism, the "ingenuity" spirit of the craftsmen of Oriental Purple Copper Embossed Crafts Co., Ltd. is, in a sense, more important than profit margin, value and revenue.







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