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Shijiazhuang Oriental Red Copper Embossment Crafts Co., Ltd. has independently developed eight series of more than 400 varieties of red copper reliefs, red copper round sculpture ornaments and other series of products, which are refined from high-quality red copper without corrosion and discoloration, and are of great decorative and collection value.

Relief is a kind of sculpture that carves a bumpy image on the plane. It is an art form between sculpture and painting. The art of relief is widely honored in the world. From ancient Egypt to ancient Greek and Roman temples and stele sculptures, there are many relief arts in ancient temples, caves and tombs of kings in China.



Red copper is also called pure copper and red copper. Red copper has good ductility, conductivity and corrosion resistance, among which ductility is an important characteristic of copper decoration. Red copper has a high melting point and is not easy to cast, and its outstanding ductility makes up for this defect, so it can be easily processed into various modeling drawings. The dark red metallic luster makes it have a calm and noble quality while expressing the modern sense. It is the most commonly used material in copper decoration.

In the traditional sense, red copper relief, also known as pure copper relief, is made of red copper sheet as the base material by carving, so it is also known as forged copper relief. Forged copper reliefs have been carried out unprecedentedly since the 1980s. The wave of economic reform and investment attraction across the country is magnificent. Civilized stage setting and economic singing have become successful means for local governments to follow suit. Copper decoration products are popular because of their unique elegance and splendor and the accumulation of thousands of years of deep copper civilization. Forged copper reliefs are even more popular throughout the country. The main reliefs, which are as small as a few square meters, and the narrative copper carving civilization corridor, which is as large as hundreds of square meters, are permeated with the breath of copper art civilization and clearly show the brilliance of copper art civilization. It gives people a strong mental shock. Undoubtedly, forged bronze reliefs have contributed to the successful display of local historical civilization, modern civilization and economic development. While promoting local civilization and improving the taste of local cities, relevant enterprises have also been richly rewarded.

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